Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doctor Appointment

I went and saw the dr and I weighed in at 269. WhenI went to the Doctor to be weighed for my beginning weight, the scale reached 298. So I have lost 29 lbs??? Yet when I weighed myself before I started the liquid diet, I reached my limit of 305 ans yet when I get on the scale it weighs at 264. So did I lose 41 lbs? This so fustrating. I hate it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sept 8 2009

Well I go to the doc on Tuesday. I am nervous about what he is going to say. I have had some set backs in my short journey. I have the support of some and others not so much. That is ok. I know who I can turn to and be able to talk to.
I have found that I am not getting enough protein to stay awake during the day. I have been so tired. I need my focus. I started this for myself, then I need to start do it. I have to understand that I cannot eat certain things and not keep trying I will just end up hurting myself.
I am proud that at soccer practice for my girls, I ran with them . Maybe not as fast or as long but I didn't stop. I play kickball not as good as the rest of the team but I am trying. I am walking the park, just wishing my shins wouldn't hurt.