Thursday, September 10, 2009

Doctor Appointment

I went and saw the dr and I weighed in at 269. WhenI went to the Doctor to be weighed for my beginning weight, the scale reached 298. So I have lost 29 lbs??? Yet when I weighed myself before I started the liquid diet, I reached my limit of 305 ans yet when I get on the scale it weighs at 264. So did I lose 41 lbs? This so fustrating. I hate it.


  1. I would go by your scales for your own personal count. I have never weighed the same at home and at a Dr's office. Plus we have the perks of not weighing our clothing at home

  2. Go by your Doctor's beginning weight, that is what they are going to follow, it can be your official weight loss indicator.

    Hey, don't focus on the numbers right now ~ focus on learning to eat RIGHT...don't let any bad foods in, take up new hobbies or working out, something to take your mind off the numbers b/c it can and WILL drive you crazy ~ BTDT, so believe this sound advice I give you.

    Congrats on your loss thus far, I think you've done a GREAT job and remember that some people can be slow losers in the beginning and then take off like a rocket after a few months, hang in there and BELIEVE in yourself!!!!