Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

It is the middle, a month that I started the liquid diet (July 20) and a month that I had the surgery (July 27); I have lost 32 lbs. I wish it was more, but I suppose if I would stick closer to the diet that is outlined for this procedure I might have alittle more luck. But the foods they want you to eat I don't eat or they don't like me, I mean each week gets better. I have lots of trial and error foods. I probably will for awhile.
If I still was not as depressed as my body and mind are telling me, I am thinking that my body would be kinder. I still want to stress eat, sad eat, etc., but I know that will just really screw me up. I need to make new friends; realizing that when I was married I never had married friends to go and do things with. My other half didn't want to come out. Now that I am getting to know married people, I am back to a single. I could fake it and be happy all the time, I just might start believing it. I can be happy despite my luck and my status of any kind, right?

I have started walking the park, I try and play kickball on Mondays for now. but good gravy my legs hurt for about 2 days, I hope it goes bye bye. I wish my lungs were a little better. I can't weight/wait to be able to kickbox. I need cardio to get me going but how do I fit in when my life revolves around my daughter and the things she does. I have to present and interact with her different activites we are in together, (which I would her to take it with me). She is all I have, I suppose she is all I need.

I should have measured myself to see if any inches are coming off, but that was something I didn't want to confront. It would be easy for a pic for all to see.
Thank you everyone


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